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How do I track engagement when I share a Puck page?
How do I track engagement when I share a Puck page?
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  1. Sign in to your Dashboard

  2. Click on the type of page or content that you want to share. So for Job pages for instance, select "Job pages" on the left side menu of your Dashboard.

  3. Then choose the Job page that you want to share. Let's assume a "Senior Software Engineer" job page. From that job detail page select "Share page" to create a link with tracking information.

4. Click "Create tracking link", and choose the sourcing tool that you'd like to integrate with, if you want to collect candidate level data.

5. Then, Copy the link by hitting "Copy link"

7. The link will now appear in your Shared links tab on the page that you've shared.

8. Go to your sourcing tool and paste the custom tracking link in your outreach (ie. sourcing, interview prep, LinkedIn message etc.) and it will share the job page you have selected a tracking link for.

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