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How do I create a content strategy for my podcasts?
How do I create a content strategy for my podcasts?

You've kicked off with Puck. Now how do you select who you would like to be interviewed for Podcasts?

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  1. We will schedule a kick-off meeting with you and your team to discuss content strategy.

    1. In this meeting we will discuss how recording and podcast production works, and start to discuss who you would like to interview for your first round of content.

  2. We typically recommend starting with a first round of 3-4 podcasts before we go live.

    1. We suggest you start with representation from leadership that can speak to high level themes like the company mission, how the company is doing and company values, and someone at a team level to discuss the day to day and team culture.

  3. We'll send you a template like this to outline who you would like to have interviewed at your company.

4. Once you have selected your first interviewees, email introduce them to your Podcast Host (

5. Your Podcast Host will schedule the interviews, and send a script of questions to the interviewee that will be used as a guide for the conversation.

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