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How does Greenhouse configuration work?
How does Greenhouse configuration work?
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Setting up Greenhouse to work with Puck can be done in a few short steps, typically taking less than five minutes. The Puck account management team will be in touch with you to share onboarding instructions specific to your company and offer live support.

Here are the typical steps for configuring Greenhouse with Puck:

  1. Visit and log into Greenhouse as a user with Site Admin permissions.

  2. Set the Job Board URL to your career site URL. For example,

  3. Set the Job Posts URL to the following URL, which will be provided by Puck during onboarding:

  4. Click the checkbox next to Hide description/title on job application (only display form)

  5. Toggle the button in the yellow section at the top of the page so it reads, “Point tracking links to greenhouse hosted job board” and shows the tracking links as "All tracking links currently point to:"

For guidance on content best practices, Puck hosts will guide you on how to tell your story to make the biggest impact on your recruiting process.

Please contact for troubleshooting assistance regarding the integration.

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