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How do I add team members to the Dashboard?
How do I add team members to the Dashboard?

How to add team members as admins and members to the dashboard

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There are 2 types of options to add team members to your dashboard.

As an admin, and as a member.

An admin can edit podcast details and access the settings to invite other members to the dashboard + use all other dashboard features.

A member can't adjust podcast details or settings, but can use all other features of the Dashboard like creating Smart Links, downloading shareable Teasers, etc.

To add new members, and adjust settings for current ones:

  1. Login to the dashboard.

  2. Once you have logged in, click Settings.

  3. On the settings page, click Members.

  4. You will see the list of admins and members currently in your dashboard

  5. Use the dropdown to select whether if the teammate is an Admin or Member.

    6. To remove a team member, or resend an invitation:

    7. To invite a new teammate, select Invite

    8. Then submit their email address, and select Send Invite.

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