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How to add screening questions for leads
How to add screening questions for leads
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Create screening questions for your open roles, and filter for the most qualified leads.

Question 1: How do I add screening questions?

  1. Login to the dashboard

  2. Go to the Leads section of your dashboard.

3. Click " + Add Screening Questions" in the top right hand corner.

4. Click "+ Add Screening Questions" again, to make a new screener. Below the Add Screening Questions button is where the list of your Screeners will live once they have been made.

5. To start, label your screener.

6. Configure your screening questions for "All roles", "Select departments", or "Select roles".

7. Select what contact information you want to receive from the leads.

8. Now it's time to add your first question! Click "+ Add question".

9. You will now be able to create your question. You can create questions with yes/no answer or a multiple choice questions.

10. When you are done adding your screening questions, click save in the top right hand corner.

11. The screening questions will now appear on the job pages that you selected the questions to screen for. For example, here is a screening question on Puck job pages:

Question 2: Where do I filter the answers to screening questions for my Leads?

  1. Go to the leads tab in your dashboard.

  2. Click on "Filters"

3. Filter to sort your leads by screening questions here:

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