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Build custom content Pages inside your dashboard.

  1. Login to your dashboard.

  2. Select Pages on the lefthand side.

3. Select a template to build with. For this example, let's click on Interview Guide.

4. Click "Edit".

5. Edit the content of the page in the center column.

6. Edit text like a normal text editor. Highlight sections of text to change format, style, and size.

7. Save all your edits in the top right hand corner, clicking the Save button as you go.

8. You can customize the page by adding blocks. Click "Add block" to add a new section.

9. Choose what type of content you would like to add to your page:

Make pages personal by adding audio clips from your team members. Include images and videos. Add links or buttons to attach other resources or direct folks to other pages.

10. To rearrange existing blocks, you can drag and drop by clicking on the top left hand corner of a block:

11. To delete or duplicate a block, click on the top right hand corner of the block:

12. Edit the page details in the left hand column:

13. Title your page, customize the URL link, and change ownership in this left hand column.

14. Do you want your page to live on your Job Pages for folks to see upfront? Add the resource to your job page by selecting where the page should appear and for what regions:

15. For Interview Guides only, you have the ability to see candidate level data. This will collect data that includes the name and email address of a candidate when they view your interview guide. Turn on/off candidate data here:

16. When you are done building your Page, you will access the candidate data on the Pages landing page in your dashboard:

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