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Preparing for your Puck recording
Preparing for your Puck recording

Learn what to expect throughout your recording process with Puck.

Written by Naomi Shammash
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This guide will walk you through the recording process with Puck from start to finish.

Before the recording

You'll receive an email introduction to the producer at Puck who will host your recording.

The producer will send you a Calendly link for you to book your recording session and a list of questions that they will ask you during the recording.

You can prepare notes if you like, but there’s no need to write a script; this is meant to be a casual conversation.

The recording session


Sign in to the virtual recording studio, Riverside, from an updated Chrome browser. You will have received the link to the studio in your Calendly invite.

Be in a quiet place with padded surfaces, like a closet with lots of clothes or a room with a rug.

Headphones are fine, except for AirPods.

Though you will be on video with the producer, the final product will be audio-only.


The producer will edit the recording after your session, so don’t worry about misspeaking or fillers like “ums” and “uhs.” You can always take a moment to gather your thoughts or restate them.

The producer will edit their voice out of the final product, so please acknowledge the question you’re being asked in your answer. For example, if the question is “Why did you join the company?”, your answer should start with “I joined the company because…”

After the recording

The producer will send you a final draft of the recording for your approval. If you want to change anything, the producer will work to tailor it to your specifications.

Once you’ve approved the recording, the producer will send you the published episode, along with some video clips you can share on LinkedIn.

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